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Dog mess

Please clear up after your dog, especially if it fouls the lighters or pontoons.

Clubhouse closure Fri/Sat 5/6 Nov

The Commodore advises that the clubhouse will be closed all day Friday and Saturday in preparation for the Laying Up Supper. The bar will not be open on Friday. Members may enter through the back door until 1pm on Satuirday if they wish to use the galley to make tea etc.

Don't waste water!

Please don't leave your hose running when not in use. When washing your boat you must fit a "gun" on the end to control the flow. Visitors may fill tanks but not hose down their boats.

Where has all our stuff gone?

Peter Spratt has been updating our asset list but a lot of stuff seems to have gone missing. Of course it could just be misplaced or disposed of if worn out or broken, but this needs to be recorded. If you have club equipment or know what happened to it could you please inform Peter or Bob Pettet our treasurer.

Message from Cynthia Povey, Working Party Coordinator

Work parties for 2018

Dry Dock: Painting, Cleaning out, Concreting                   Project Manager: Roger Stevens

Pontoons: Repairs, Floats, Pile Cleaning and Painting   Project Manager: Neal Martin

Electric Repairs:    Project Manager: Tony Sherbourne

Tidy Land berths:  Project Manager: Ken Lawrence

Crane:  Sub-committee required

Mud Clearing:  To be arranged

Dear Members

I have been asked by the Commodore, Jim Parker, to liaise as Work Party Coordinator for another year.

Since taking over this roll in 2016 some members have been flagged up as not having attended any work parties.  YOUR club exists only due to the help of members.

I hope, therefore, that you will be on board to take an active roll with the projects shown above for the current year - even to make a hot drink for the workers if you feel poor health leaves you unable to take part physically.


I look forward to seeing you.

Thank you


Message from the Mooring Master

The pontoons are now full so if any members are considering changing their boat for a larger one please note that it is unlikely that you'll then be able to continue to moor on the pontoons at SYC until somebody else leaves.  You will probably have to moor on the mud berths instead.  Please check with me before making your purchase.  The 2018 Mooring plan is now in the Members' Secure Area and on the clubhouse noticeboard.

It is essential that all members' visitors in the clubhouse or anywhere on site are signed into the register in the clubhouse please.  It is every member's responsibility to keep the whole site secure.

Message from Concrete Lighter Manager

I would like to produce a register of all owners who have a box on the concrete lighters so please either let me know by my Facebook page or complete a Contact Form from this website menu showing your contact details, approximately where your box is and what it looks like eg wood/plastic/steel, condition, colour.  ALSO please put a label on it with the name of your boat.  Thank you.  Jacki Beardsmore.  Concrete Lighter Manager. 


The working party in February 2017 to renovate the 3rd dry dock was well attended.  Thank you.  Other members had done some of the work the previous week and others have continued the work since.   Special thanks to Roger Stevens for managing this project from which we'll all benefit, and to John Downie for all the days spent welding.  The end has now been cut off and valves will be fitted in November followed by concreting the base.  We're nearly there.

If you do not want your photo to appear in this website please contact Tony Lavelle.  Thank you

Gate keys are available from Bob Pettett or Mick Pavoux.  If you need one please send a contact form from this website, showing some dates you'll be at the club.


The dry docks' calendar is available in the Members' Secure Area.  See instructions for how to use the dry dock.


Cynthia Povey co-ordinates work parties. She will notify members with the dates via Facebook and this website, please give her your full support. Thank you.  


Do you have a boat or trailer on the land berth boat park?  Please weed and tidy your plot.  Thank you  

Where to Find Us

Strood Yacht Club     Temple Manor Marsh     

Knight Road     Strood     Kent     ME2 2AH                 



Tel: 01634 718 261

How to find Strood Yacht Club
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