To visitors:  Welcome to Strood Yacht Club, We hope you enjoy your visit. 

This club is run entirely by unpaid volunteers.  Please pay attention to the following guidelines, rules & bye laws of the club.
The Mooring Master and /or his Assistants will direct you to your allocated mooring, which are entirely at their discretion.              
Do not berth on a mooring not allocated to you.

No Craft over 40 feet overall length will be permitted to moor at SYC (Bye Law 23c)
No rafting up is permitted on the outside of the pontoons due to the additional weight distribution; rafting up may be permitted on the inside subject to the agreement of the berth holder and mooring master.  

Visiting boats must be covered by Third Party Indemnity Insurance to the value of £3 million.

Electric cards can be purchased from the Mooring Master or from the bar.  Respectfully note that the amount of electricity left on the meter has been purchased by the berth holder so DO NOT PLUG IN UNLESS YOU HAVE PURCHASED A CARD FOR YOUR OWN ELECTRICITY.  All leads must conform to BS7671 and have been PAT tested.
All craft mooring at SYC will pay £10.00 per night.  Payment should be made to the Mooring Master, his Assistants or at the clubhouse bar.  Gate keys are available at a returnable deposit of £20. 

SYC does not supply any hoses, those left on the pontoons are the private property of individual boat owners.  Do not use them without prior permission.
Visitors may top up their domestic fresh water tanks but must not wash their boats down. The water is metered and costs SYC a considerable amount.
No barbecues shall be ignited on the pontoons (Bye Law 20a)
No generators or other obstacles shall be on the pontoons (Bye Law 20b)
All dogs must be on leads at all times, and any mess must be cleared up (Bye Law 14)
Please return trolleys to the car park collection point. Only domestic waste may be put into our club waste skips.

SYC will not accept liability for personal injury or damage to or loss of property arising out of the use of the Club’s premises however caused (Bye Law 19 b & c)